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Yeah..I AM A Speaker December 24, 2011

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After a long wait I am here and I am a Speaker(YEPIEEE)….

The experinece was simply astounding… Talking about something which drives you crazy is always best(may it be a girl or Technolgy)

I love the technology I am working on… and It inspires me to stay late , talk lot…

The same happened today at DEVCON-December in User group hyderabad chapter of Microsoft.

I enjoyed each and every bit of the moment i talked and I really didnt know how 1 hour passed.

I thank all the great audience,Hima,Pranov and Chakri.

I also thank my Gurus Paul Randal,Kimberly,Pinal,Adam Machanic for making me what I am today…

Looking forward for delivering more intersting stuff on SQL Server….

By the way following is the link to download all the Scripts stuff I have talked about ..



Its time for MI4…TOm here I come…Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year Fellas….


2 Responses to “Yeah..I AM A Speaker”

  1. Nice to have you as a speaker at MUGH.

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