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MS TechedIn- Dream Big March 26, 2012

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I have dreamt in my earlier carrer days of attending an event where some one speaks about the technology I work and I get Goosebumps while listening to it.

Microsoft and TCS made my dream come true. Lemme tell you and drive you through the experience

1st Day of Teched

I was at registration counter and as I don’t have companions I ended up in listening to ppl who were in queue. I heard ppl talking abt their manager I heard ppl talking abt Microsoft, I heard ppl talking abt girls around. But one thing commonly I heard was the excitement, Excitement to see What Is BIG

I got my goodies packet and saw the passport in it(of course excited about Reebok Watch!!!). Guided by the team Teched I walked down to the stage. AW!!! is my first impression by looking at the stage, I was in an impression whether I walked down to some film fare awards function

With in no time Sanket started his Keynote, he walked through the journey of MS and its success story. He concluded the session by making an oath that we are going BIG.

With that awesome keynote I stepped in to SQL Server Developer track

Highlight of all the sessions was Pinal and Vinod’s session on demystifying many bunks around SQL Server. I was discounted by vinod to benefit the others on the session. Ofcourse I felt great to be recognized 🙂

When the brain was almost out of memory there comes the reliever with Demo Extravaganza which was enjoyed by one and all thoroughly

In between I had a super chat with MTC architects and I myself debunked many of my own myths.


Basically this was not the day for me as I don’t have any track in particular, but the key note by Amit Chatterjee made me awestruck

I dreamt of being successful as him( Am i Dreaming BIG here!!!)

Followed by super key note I entered in to Hands on lab for Power view and Always on, though the former was not as useful to me, but the later was so helpful and i enjoyed to keep up the pace of the speakers.

Later in the afternoon I explored all the Expo showrooms. The thing that attracted me was Surface table and Windows Server 8 itself

I got to learn a lot on and around Win Server 8. I really have to say its gonna change the way the Server functions.

And again this followed with a great Demo Xtravaganza where Pinal rocked the floor. East or West SQL is the Best 😉


Some how i was totally affected with sunstroke and I hardly slept on the day before, but as the sessions on this day are totally sql oriented. I gained all the energy and went back to Day-3

First Session by Vinod and Second by Pinal…Both were Awesome.

I basically a fan of SQL internals and I love to discuss the same with my fellow members.

The memory changes and the indirect checkpoints internals in SQL 2012 made my brain restless to go over and work on them.

I thank Vinod for shedding light on these topics

I really don’t know that Parallelism was joined by three other functions. Thanks to Pinal and his energy in dealing and bringing up this together

I thank Pinal to stop by in the middle and recognizing me(Also i need to thank him for giving away me the card)

My energy by then was totally exhausted and I felt really guilty on my luck as i was not able to attend the sessions of my favorite speakers Amit and Balmukund.

I took medicine and travelled back to hotel for calling it as a day.

But when I am here and thinking about the Takeaways here is the list

*Dream Big

*Dream Big……

Yes, Teched brought a great change in my thought process and my the way I design my career.

I am dreaming Big to be MCM on SQL Server

I am dreaming Bigger to be speaker in teched

I am dreaming Big to reimagine myself and discover myself each day.

Thank you very very much TechED and Microsoft. This 3 Days means a lot to me 🙂


4 Responses to “MS TechedIn- Dream Big”

  1. blakhani Says:

    Hope to see you around in my next session as you missed some fun.

  2. Uday Viswanath Says:

    Super going Adi. All the best. Hope to see you BIG

  3. Vamsi Says:

    Keep it going 🙂 Dream big dude !!!!

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